Simpol-Canada: Latest News...

Gael McCool joins Simpol-CA campaign team

Gael McCool, author, psychotherapist, and teacher of social and emotional Intelligence skills, has joined the Simpol team as an Outreach Coordinator. She sees Simpol as an evolutionary strategy to promote the cooperative resolution of major global issues.

Simpol gains new Australian MPs

Thanks to Australian citizens signing on to the campaign, we now have 4 MPs pledged to implement Simpol alongside other governments following the 2019 Federal election. 

Evonomics publishes interview on The Simpol Solution

Where does Simpol fit in the story of human evolution? Prestigious economics blog, Evonomics, has published a great interview of authors John Bunzl and Nick Duffell by evolutionary biologist David Sloan Wilson about their new book The Simpol Solution. Read it here.

David Sloan Wilson endorses Simpol

Renowned evolutionary biologist David Sloan Wilson has endorsed "The Simpol Solution": "It's a pleasure to read a book that captures the modern evolutionary worldview so well and your actual solution is very clever. We even share an awareness of the need for a psychological therapeutic process and a global policymaking process." Sloan Wilson is President of the Evolution Institute. 

2015 Federal Election result

50 parliamentary candidates signed the Simpol Pledge but unfortunately none were elected this time around. The results:

Green Party: 45; NDP: 2; Libertarian Party: 3

Total Pledged: 50

Our thanks to all supporters who wrote to their candidates.