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Our new website is coming soon. In the meantime, visit our global site for all the latest from Simpol

Simpol is an international association of citizens who use votes to solve global issues

We give strong voting preference to politicians or parties which implement Simpol's policies 

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Solve global problems

Why are governments are failing to tackle problems like Climate Change or Nuclear Disarmament?

Simpol is a way of understanding root causes and offers a solution.

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Issues we solve

Destructive Global Competition - each nation's fear of losing out to others - is the key barrier that prevents tackling global issues.

Which issues do you care most about?

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A new direction for solving global problems. A fresh take on doing politics differently. A powerful way for NGOs to drive global change.

And it works! Will you join us?

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Play it and share it!

Join the citizen’s movement for change by playing Global Justice for Grown Ups, a microlearning game about global cooperation on global issues.

Available on mobile devices, this game is a fun and interactive way to learn about and support global justice. Play it and share it with your friends to make a positive impact on the world!