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What Simpol is, and how it works:

The Simultaneous Policy (Simpol) campaign invites citizens in Canada, and citizens around the world, to use our votes in a powerful new way to solve global problems like global warming, financial market regulation, environmental destruction, war, and social injustice.

Simpol offers a way to solve today’s global problems; problems individual national governments cannot resolve by acting alone.

That’s because these problems transcend national boundaries, and because competition between governments to attract investment and jobs means that any government acting alone to solve them could effectively make its country economically uncompetitive, leading to inflation, unemployment, or even economic collapse.

Simpol aims to break the vicious circle governments find themselves in by encouraging people around the world to use their votes in a completely new way to oblige politicians and governments to cooperate globally in implementing appropriate policies simultaneously for the good of all.

Only by implementing policies simultaneously can our problems be resolved in a way that no nation, corporation, or citizen loses out. If all nations act together, everybody wins.

Simultaneous implementation would ensure that no country became uncompetitive as a result of pursuing policies that were right for the planet and which embodied people's higher aspirations. But politicians will not act together globally unless we make them!

So, please act now by signing the Simpol Petition 
which costs you nothing.

By signing it you are telling politicians that you’ll be voting in future national elections for ANY candidate, within reason, who has signed the Pledge to implement Simpol’s range of policies alongside other governments. Or, if you have a party preference, your support signifies that you want your preferred party to make that Pledge.

In that way, you still retain the ultimate right to vote as you please. But you are also clearly indicating to politicians that you’ll be giving strong preference to those who have signed the Pledge, to the probable exclusion of those who haven’t. With many parliamentary seats, and even entire national elections, hanging on a relatively low number of votes, even a relatively small number of Simpol supporters can make it in the vital interests of politicians to sign the Pledge. This is the simple mechanism supporters use to advance their cause.

Simpol's approach is peaceful, open, democratic, and it's free. By supporting Simpol, you gain the opportunity to

  • contribute, if you wish, to the formulation of specific policies to solve global problems, and
  • you join with others to use your vote in a new and effective way to drive the politicians of all parties and countries to implement those policies.

By supporting Simpol, you make yourself a part of the global political solution!

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Simpol-Canada latest news...

New book: The Simpol Solution

John Bunzl and Nick Duffell's new book, The Simpol Solution, is due out in the U.S. and Canada in Spring 2018 from Prometheus Books.

It explains why our efforts to deal with global problems are failing, and proposes new ways of thinking to help us tackle them. Blending politics and psychology, it shows us why we must all come to terms with the crippling effect of global competition and how through new thinking and simultaneous cooperative action we can overcome the problems we face today and tomorrow.

“It’s ambitious and provocative. Can it work? Certainly worth a serious try.” - Noam Chomsky

For more and to order go here.

When will we finally take globalization seriously?

First Brexit, now Trump. It's happening because, as Simpol's founder John Bunzl explains in this new HuffPost article, we are still not taking globalisation seriously. But can the more protectionist world offered by populist politicians be a real alternative?

2015 Federal Election Result

50 parliamentary candidates signed the Simpol Pledge but unfortunately none were elected this time around. The results:

Green Party: 45

NDP: 2

Libertarian Party: 3

Total Pledged: 50

Our thanks to all supporters who wrote to their candidates. But now the election is over, we need more citizens to sign the Simpol Petition.

Simpol in a nutshell: John Bunzl at TEDx Berlin

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